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13 Most Amazing Black Sand Beaches Around The World Almost all of us have to perform our regular duties. Businessmen have their own business, students have to study and all others have to do many works regularly. But this regular activities become boring if we spend our days only with them. Then boredom esmore… 23 [...]

Bob Ross on YouTube

Posted: 26th October 2015 by Sus Scrofa in Awesomeness
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“I think there’s an artist hidden in the bottom of every single one of us, and here we will try to show you how to bring that artist out.” The Bob Ross company now has full episodes of The Joy of Painting on its YouTube channel. Learn, relax and be inspired by some happy little trees. Hat [...]

China Has More Billionaires Than USA For the first time, the number of billionaires in China has overtaken that of the United States. An annual survey said Thursday, despite slowing growth in the world?s second-largest economy.more… Richest YouTube Stars of 2015 The richest YouTubers of 2015 have been revealed by Forbes. The list of this [...]

Top 10 Best Marriage Proposals on Youtube These Wedding Proposals are the most elaborate and over the top, but also the sweetest.more… Amazingly Lucky Guy What do you normally mean by being lucky? We found a really lucky guy to show you? or Jackie Chan who decided to walk along the Russian street?more… This Man [...]

North Korea has submitted yet another entry to its ongoing propaganda film festival. Hey North Korea F@#K You, and only in your F@#King dreams! Leave your Comment.

Edward Muscare died Sunday at an inmate medical center in North Florida. He was 79. Muscare was arrested in 2010 after posting videos of himself singing such songs as “Pretty Woman.”

When Green Bay athletic officials approached junior Eric Valentin about going after the Guinness World Record for half-court shots in a minute, the walk-on guard feared it might take him weeks to achieve that goal. “We had a 45-minute window before team dinner that night, so I really didn’t think I’d get it that day,” [...]

A Hunter ______ a Bear

Posted: 4th October 2010 by Sus Scrofa in Videos
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You Decide the Hunter and the Bears Fate.

YouTube is making its long expected foray into live streaming by launching an experimental trial with four new media partners. The new live streaming platform will be previewed in a two-day trial beginning Monday, but is expected to later grow considerably across the Google Inc.-owned website. Four YouTube partners will participate: the celebrity-focused Young Hollywood; [...]

Police have reportedly found the young woman in a red shirt who was filmed throwing puppies into a river. Local police in Travnik, on the eastern edge of Bosnia near the Croatian border, identified the girl after her parents reportedly turned her in, according to news report leaked to local online news outlet The [...]