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A Shipwreck under a Starry Sky (by Mikko Lagerstedt) A Shipwreck under a Starry Sky (by Mikko Lagerstedt)more… How To Decipher Law Jargon-Who Knows What They Are Saying Who In The World Can Understand The Language Used In Law-Nobody Until Now-What It All Meansmore… Worlds Smallest Gun That Actually Works They Don’t Get Any Smaller [...]

The World’s Largest Classic Car Junkyard The Largest Classic Car Junkyard more… Crow Goes Fishing With A Piece Of Bread Crow Fishing With A Piece Of Breadmore… 30 Awkward Pictures That Will Make You Shrink These images are painfully awkward. I has definition to describe these WTF images.more… 20 Intriguing Pictures Of History That Will [...]

New IPhone 7 Concept Has No Buttons Designer Marek Weidlich shows us what he believes is one possible concept for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 next year, and his vision simplifies things by turning it into a single touchscreen.more… World’s First Upside Down Truck Mechanic and auto shop owner Rick Sullivan has experiencing fixing overturned cars, [...]

Worlds Fastest Piano Juggler This Guy Can Juggle Faster Than Anyone In The World And Uses A Piano At The Same Timemore… 5 Things That Will Happen When You Eat Oatmeal Oatmeal is easy to love. It?s a warm, filling whole grain that is easy to prepare and packs a nutritious punch. You may be [...]

Average-Looking Girls Before and After Makeup 26 amazing pictures of ordinary, average-looking girls before and after applying makeup.more… Taking The World’s Worst Car For A Test Drive Deafeningly loud, ugly, rear single-wheel drive, and a whopping 6 horsepower: the Hoffman had it all.more… Earthquake Experience on the 52nd Floor of a Skyscraper in Tokyo You [...]

22 Tiny Animals Who Fit Right Into Their Adorable Little Worlds, Awww Our big world has a lot of amazing little things that often go overlooked. Take a rain droplet on a blade of grass or a tiny frog catching a ride on a lily pad. If we blink twice, we might miss all the [...]

41 Reliable Signs It’s Too Cold Outside When you see some of these signs you can be sure it’s damn cold outside.more… World’s First Jet Engine-Powered Tank Fights Fires Believe it or not, extreme fires, call for extreme measures, and in this case, it meant that Hungarian engineers needed to use a decommissioned Russian tank [...]

Rumored Boba Fett Plot Ups His Importance in the Star Wars Universe. Considerably Turns out Boba Fett may be behind the whole Star Wars saga … more… World’s Most Expensive Belt Buckle Costs More Than a House From afar, the Calibre R822 looks like yet another jewel-encrusted smartphone, but it’s actually the world’s most expensive [...]

First Video of World’s Deepest Fish A new record has been set for the deepest fish ever seen in the world, captured at an incredible depth of 26,722 feet (8,145 meters) in the Mariana Trench.more… Best 5 Whatsapp Status Checkout Top 5 WhatsApp Statusmore… Logic Puzzle ? Christmas Brain Teaser Four angels sat on the [...]

World’s Smartest Pizza Box Manufactured in New York by Pratt Industries, the GreenBox is touted as the world’s smartest pizza box, and it’s made from 100% recycled materials.more… Insane Lunar Mission One to the Moon Lunar Mission One, a British-lead venture, has begun a crowdfunding campaign to send a drill-equipped robotic lander to mine the [...]