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Two words: shark. nado [Weird]

Posted: 30th March 2017 by Sus Scrofa in Randomness
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Can You Spell The Most Commonly Misspelled Words? Can you spell the most commonly misspelled words in English? Let?s see if you can ace this test!more… Elfie ? Selfie Taken by Elephant with Trunk in Park in Thailand Turns Hit Image was shared by the tourist Christian LeBlanc. On Reddit, photo received over 1.4 million [...]

Words Invented by Authors

Posted: 1st March 2015 by Sus Scrofa in Awesomeness
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Mental Floss’ John Green takes a look at 43 words and terms that have made our way into our lexicon, after being made up by authors who decided think outside of the dictionary. That Samuel Taylor Coleridge sure was prolific. Link The Awesomer

When You Take A Long-Exposure Picture Of A Christmas Tree While Zooming Out As important as the holidays are for celebrating with friends and family, they?re also a good opportunity for people to show off their creativity. And if you?re not into holiday crafts, try your hand at creating some incredible long-exposure photograpmore… 18 Photos [...]