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The Diabetes Breakthrough Your Doctor Won’t Expose Really, just spare a minute of your time which can be life changing!more… Apprentice Plumber Fits Toilet Blocking the Door The apprentice thought he had fitted his first toilet perfectly.more… 25 Melancholy Illustrations by Voider Sun Voider Sun is a young graphic designer from Shanghai. more… 24 Amazing [...]

Canned Foods You Won’t Believe People Eat For many of these canned foods, the dish is considered a delicacy in one part of the world or another. more… This May Be the Coolest, Most Futuristic Bomber Ever Built While the Saab 35 Draken may be the coolest, most futuristic combat jet ever made, when it [...]

You Won’t Believe This Isn’t a Place in Middle Earth From the pictures and afar (if you’re fortunate enough to visit in person), this looks to be a place straight from Middle Earth, but it’s actually the Magic Mountain Lodge at the Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve in northern Chile’s Patagonia.more… What Will Happen After the “Boeing” [...]

Climb This Crazy Staircase for a Gorgeous View The crazy staircase for a gorgeous viewmore… “Put Your Wipers Up,” They Said. “That Way, They Won’t Freeze to Your Car,” They Said "Put your wipers up," they said. "That way, they won’t freeze to your car," they said. And they were right!more… Spiral Architecture: 12 Swirling [...]

You Won’t Believe What Samsung’s Next Phone Will Have Apple has always been known to keep future models a secret, but Samsung’s executive vice president loves to tease. Read more at… AudioOrb ? The Speaker That You Can Enter the device is basically a loudspeaker that users can actually enter.more… Samsung Reveals Galaxy S5, [...]