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These kids dress themselves for the first time and it?s hilarious If you have children or have ever watched a child attempt to dress themselves for the very first time, you understand how completely adorable and hilariousmore… A heartbroken man paid for everyone?s lunch at a Denny?s and why he did it made me cry [...]

30+ of the Best Sai Baba Quotes Life is a song ? sing it. Life is a game ? play it. Life is a challenge ? meet it. Life is a dream ? realize it. Life is a sacrifice ? offer it. Life is love ? enjoy it.more… Quotes of the Day ? March 9, [...]

Funny Quotes, Jokes and Sayings to Share with Your Colleagues During Breaktime ou can help cheer up your fellows and the whole community with one very simple, very humorous sign saying.more… 25 Best Inspirational Quotes for Women Although life is hard, you, pretty girls and women, deserve the most wonderful things in the world.more… World [...]

Why You Fail at ONLINE DATING Why you fail at online datingmore… Best Sites to Find Russian Women Best sites to find russian womanmore… Top 10 Safest Cities in Asia 2015 Ensuring urban security is a challenge for authorities worldwide. According to the Economist Safe Cities Index 2015, these are the top 10 safest cities [...]

22 Pictures Of Natural Rock Formations That Totally Look Man-Made Nature is amazing, but sometimes we forget how truly powerful its beauty can be. With wind and rain can come some of the most awe-inspiring sights; things we could not even conceive of. more… 16 Hilariously Differences Between Men And Women Since time began, philosophers, [...]

Booby-trapped Bike Teaches Thieves a Lesson Watch a bunch of bike thieves get absolutely destroyed in this amazing video.more… 12-Year-Old Texas Girl Sneezes Thousands of Times a Day Katelyn Thornley sneezes up to 20 times per minute – that amounts to 12,000 times a day.more… Bodybuilding Makes Women Look Like Men These women are very [...]

17 Pictures Guaranteed To Put A Smile On Your Face Guaranteed To Put A Smile On Your Face more… A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos This 390 year-old bonsai tree survived Hiroshima more… How to Become a Stylish Women ? the Fashion Mistakes You Need to Avoid Whatever the occasion, here are the most [...]

Launching Space Mission Vehicles From Baikonur Cosmodrome Cosmodrome Baikonur located in the desert of Kazakhstan plays a significant role for space exploration. We have already shown you plenty of images from there but it’s always interesting to come back to Baikonur. These images, taken by blogger and journalimore… 20 Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than [...]