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17 Funny, Short, Cute Cat Quotes with Pictures Let?s take a look at some cute cat pictures with texts, massages, and quotes and have some fun and peace!more… WTF Pictures That Make You Scream-What Were They Thinking People Do Weird Thingsmore… 19 Cute Love Quotes for Him, Boyfriends and Husbands Love is a magical feeling [...]

Top Five Greatest True Love Stories in History The stories of lovers who believed in each other and their love even if the whole world was against them still inspire and often, make us sad. A closer investigation of the greatest love stories in history reveals that many of the most famous lovers met amore… [...]

What if Video Games Were More Realistic? They would look like this..more… 35 Awesome Cakes That Look Too Good To Be Consumed Some of these fantastic cakes deserve to be considered as works of art and it would be a shame to eat them.more… Wahroonga House by Darren Campbell Architect Located in the leafy northern [...]

The Best Weight Loss Apps The best weight loss apps are those that help you meet your weight loss goals. If you?ve ever tried to lose weight, you know it?s easier said than done. Many of the best dieting apps provide assistance by helping you gauge meal portions, track caloriemore… Iron Man-esque Steampunk Gauntlet, Get [...]

Rednecks Were Much More Creative Back in the Day! This humble Ford Model T was transformed into a Monster Truck almost a century agomore… The Ultimate Sports Shoe: Turning Shoe EDrive Plus Originally conceived for golfs by a golf enthusiast, Turning Shoe eDrive Plus is more than just a fancy golf shoe.more… 19 Signs That [...]

21 Times All Your Fears About Growing Up Were Summed Up Perfectly By Tumblr There is a time in every one of our lives when we realize that we have just magically become an adult. Here are some examples?..more… Lil Rappers! from kanye to lil wayne rappers when they were kidsmore… Computers Wrote the Caption [...]

Seattle Seattlemore… 21 Bizarre News Story Headlines That Were Published weird news storiesmore… 18 Truly Memorable Moments From The Fairly OddParents These pictures help prove that The Fairly Oddparents was one of the sharpest and funniest kid shows of all timemore… People “Zombified” By Alcohol Add ‘The Walking Dead’ theme music to drunk people trying [...]