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How Introverts Can Survive A Collaborative Workspace The collaborative workspace trend, where employees are encouraged to work in teams with little space or privacy, is slowly taking over the corporate world. Although many employees love the transparency and open door policies this trend has brought, this imore… 10 Ways to Better Utilise Your Time After [...]

5 Do?s & Dont?s Of Holiday Shopping Holiday season is upon us and that means two things, a bigger waistline and a smaller wallet. Whether we?re travelling, partying or buying gifts for family, friends and ?more-than-friends?, it?s the most expensive season of the year. With so muchmore… 7 Ways You Can Do at Home to [...]

Artists Promote Literacy By Installing These Fun Storybook Benches Throughout London Dozens of benches shaped like open books in London to promote literacymore… 41 Weird Headlines That Prove Just How Ridiculous 2014 Was Weird news headlines.more… 15 Hilarious Ways That People Bravely Stood Up To Companies Clever ways people fought back against corporations.more… Artist Turns [...]

20 Ways to Sing In the End

Posted: 5th September 2014 by Sus Scrofa in Awesomeness
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Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs covers one of Linkin Park’s first hits by imitating 20 different artists, including Boyz II Men and Eminem. His Backstreet Boys impression made it sound like it was the boy band’s original song. Link The Awesomer

10 Animals You Didn?t Know That Exists! We introduce you 10 new strangest species and it is not the complete list.more… Top 30 Ways to Brutally Fail at a Stunt Regardless of the fact such moments make us lose faith in humanity?s future, when we witness an embarrassingly stupid attempt at a stunt which results [...]