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Dear Class of 2013: You’ve Been Scammed. One writer argues that the “college-industrial complex” is the biggest conspiracy in America. You sit here today, $30,000 or $40,000 in debt, as the latest victims of what may well be the biggest conspiracy in U.S. history. It is a conspiracy so big and powerful that Dan Brown [...]

Puerto Rico is currently struggling with an infestation of iguanas — an invasive species first brought over as pets that now number at least four million, more than the island’s human population .

WASHINGTON – Obama administration officials outlined comprehensive proposals to rein in the free-wheeling market in financial derivatives on Friday, which has been blamed for helping to create the global economic crisis, and proposed stronger investor protections. More administration proposals are expected in coming weeks to expand the powers of the federal agencies that oversee trillions [...]

Investors put a greater share of their funds into stocks, bonds and alternative investments in June than at any time since the financial crisis blew up in the summer of 2007, Reuters polls showed on Tuesday. Levels of cash held in reserve dropped to the lowest level since July 2007 as investors bet on an [...]

The Obama administration scrapped the $500,000 salary cap it proposed for executives at firms receiving large amounts of federal assistance but appointed a pay czar to review, reject and even set pay levels — with no appeal.

Rewarding employees for hard work, and not just for showing up, has become a key tenet of good corporate compensation policy. So why are some Wall Street firms sending a very different message? Wall Street has long showered lucrative annual bonuses on bankers and traders who delivered big profits. But the dozens of big banks [...]

Bermard Madoff,accused of an “unprecedented” $50 billion financial swindle, was charged on Tuesday with 11 criminal counts that could put him in prison for the rest of his life.   Madoff, 70, a former Nasdaq stock market chairman and money manager, is expected to plead guilty on Thursday, his lawyer said.   U.S. prosecutors provided new details [...]