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These tweets deserve some kind of award. theCHIVE

Best Oscar Tweets so far (14 photos)

Posted: 26th February 2017 by Sus Scrofa in Oddly Enough
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Mixing black tweets and latino tweets Mixing black tweets and latino tweetsmore… Fuck you, speed camera Fuck you, speed cameramore… Some Relationship Advice For Girls Click to see the full pic.more… Just Some Quokka Selfies Click to see the full pic.more… Nissan GT-R Claims Fastest Drift Title Hold on to your hats! And your lunch! [...]

If There is No Coffee, These Can Wake You Up Apple can sometime prove to be more refreshing than a cup of coffee. It offers major benefits to our body and those are really? more… HUSBAND TWEETS EXPERIENCE IN VICTORIA’S SECRET WITH WIFE A husband had to go shopping in Victorias Secret with his wife. [...]

If you know this girl send her a loving text next time assholes. Damn people, its so easy to be awful to another person.  And you dont mind-read so you cant understand what someone is going threw at the point in time.   “Yo Rebecca Marino hope you feel better, fuck those people, and hope [...]