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Only Guys Will Understand These Things, Girls Don’t Even Try While girls out there are all unique in themselves and stuff, we guys here enjoy being exactly like our bros. When girls find similarities in each other, they b**ch about it, when guys do, they bro-fist.more… 7 Weird Texts Girls Sent To Their Parents By [...]

30 Hilarious Texts! Let?s look at these funny texts! Auto correct never fails to please.more… Top Ten Most Popular Sports in America here we going to make the list of most popular, most watched,most revenue generating or most played sports in America. our source of information is the websites which are being searched or browsed [...]

30 Hilariously Creative Responses to Wrong Number Texts Check out these shining examples of opportunistic folk making the best out of a strange situation, and vote for the funniest wrong number text responses that you wish you thought of. Don?t worry though, now you can use them in the future!more… Employees Making the Best of [...]