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Breathtaking Caves The Langjokull ice cave, Iceland’s more… Guy Turns Old Tractor Into Motorcycle Larry Medwig from Painesville, Ohio had an old tractor collecting dust. So, he decided to combine his passionate of motorcycles with his DIY know how, and build the aptly named "Rat Bike".more… Awesome Tank Chair The RipChair 2.0, designed by military [...]

Charging the M1 Abrams Tank Gun The M1 Abrams is an American third-generation main battle tank but you have to charge it manually.more… When Kids Meet Their Football Idols If you’re a football fan this might make you cry a little.more… Meanwhile In Russia Meanwhile in Russia – amazing picsmore… Don’t Even Answer These Questions [...]

41 Reliable Signs It’s Too Cold Outside When you see some of these signs you can be sure it’s damn cold outside.more… World’s First Jet Engine-Powered Tank Fights Fires Believe it or not, extreme fires, call for extreme measures, and in this case, it meant that Hungarian engineers needed to use a decommissioned Russian tank [...]

Brainy Facts Posit Science has interesting brain facts and the truth behind brain myths.more… The Most Incredible Invisible Tank Poland?s Future Stealth Tank Has Infrared Camouflagemore… Cats and Dogs Dressed As People, 100 Years Ago I never thought I’d publish a photo essay of cute kittens and puppies… but here it is.more… Whale Shark Surprise [...]

Video: Dutch Tank Takes Brake Test to the Extreme We have all seen the team-building exercise where people fall backward and trust other team members to catch them. The Dutch military has its own version, where a Leopard tank barrels towards a group at full speed and everyone hopes it stops in time. It’smore… 10 [...]

A 1994 Chevy Camaro similar to the model the guy was driving…. Now this would REALLY be funny if it happened to somebody famous who knew they had “unlimited” funds in their account.  A man using a PayPal debit card was charged $81,400,836,908 after pumping $26 worth of gas while using a $90 pre-paid card.  [...]