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Photoshop these really old students [Photoshop]

Posted: 20th January 2017 by Sus Scrofa in Randomness
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Girls with Extremely Sexy Abs (23 Pictures) see more click nowmore… Rescued Baby Deer Shares An Adorable Moment With A Loving Dog Mishka, the Karelian bear dog, is a wildlife service dog who is specially trained to help recondition habituated bears.more… A Dead Cockroach Was Left In The Stairwell At School And Students Had The [...]

Taliban militants in northwest Pakistan kidnapped up to 400 students from a military-run college, with teachers and relatives, on Monday as they were traveling in mini-buses, police said. The abduction took place while the Pakistani army pressed on with an offensive against the Taliban in the Swat valley in another part of the northwest.

The group will paint themselves blue and don white gnome hats for the attempt on June 8. They hope to smash the existing record of 1,253 Smurfs in one place, which was set in the town of Castleblayney in Northern Ireland last July.

PARIS (Reuters) – “You can’t do it? We’re here to help,” says the homepage of a new French website where children can pay for older students to do homework for them. On (, children will be able to buy answers to simple maths problems for 5 euros ($6), while a full end-of-year presentation complete [...]

Some 43,000 students, researchers and professors took to streets in Paris and other French cities Tuesday to demand an increase in scholarship funds and protest government plans to cut university jobs amid the economic downturn. The protests are the latest of several challenges piling up for President Nicolas Sarkozy, who faced nationwide strikes and protests [...]