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When the line judge called a foot-fault on Serena’s second serve, she flipped the cunt switch, stormed over to the tiny little Asian woman and reportedly said something along the lines of: “I swear to God, I’m going to take this fucking ball and shove it down your fucking throat.“

Lightening Strikes! Bolt Breaks Another Record

Posted: 20th August 2009 by Veritas in Sports
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BERLIN — Usain Bolt startled the world again. The Jamaican sprinting great captured the 200-meter gold medal in 19.19 seconds Thursday, yet another world record. Gritting his teeth, he pointed to the clock as soon as the time flashed.

CHENNAI, India – India’s unfancied rugby sevens side must bulk up if they hope to make an impact at next year’s Commonwealth Games, eating seven meals and at least 15 eggs a day, the country’s South African coach said on Friday.

Shaq Hosts WWE Monday Night Raw

Posted: 28th July 2009 by Veritas in Entertainment, Sports
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It’s never been easy for female sports journalists. From Lisa Olson being sexually harassed while covering the New England Patriots to Suzy Kolber having to fend off the advances of a drunk Joe Namath on national television to MMA reporter Loretta Hunt being called an unacceptable name for women on camera by UFC president Dana [...]

Mike Shanahan is about to find out that silence is golden. The former Denver Broncos coach will earn $7 million next season provided he keeps his mouth shut about the team that fired him in December.

LAS VEGAS – Pat Riley has listened to Dwyane Wade(notes) express his unease with the Miami Heat sitting out the Eastern Conference’s arms race this summer. As the Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers and Orlando Magic elevated themselves as championship contenders, the Heat president sold his superstar on patience, promising a plan to surround him with [...]

RIO DE JANEIRO — Arturo Gatti’s wife, accused of strangling the champion boxer with her purse strap, proclaims her innocence and love for her dead husband in a letter given to The Associated Press on Wednesday.

Most weddings go off without a hitch. But every once in a while, the blessed event gets a surprise twist. This past weekend, NBA star Richard Jefferson’s wedding left guests asking a big question: “Where the heck is the groom?”

The headlines are routine now — a baseball team cut, a track program drastically reduced — all black-ink proof that not even the perceived purity of opportunity personified in college athletics is immune to this country’s financial pinch. Like the news of any big business searching for ways to trim the fat, the headlines don’t [...]

NEW YORK – The National Football League said on Monday it has signed up IMG Worldwide, the sports and media company, as the agent to license select television rights in certain international markets.