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Arousing Sex Facts That Will Stimulate Your Mind (25 pics) Sex is something we all love to do and the more you know about it the better off you’re going to be. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18more… Breathtaking Shot Of Lake Humantay, [...]

The Coen Brothers’ Shot/Reverse Shot

Posted: 26th February 2016 by Sus Scrofa in Awesomeness
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Every Frame a Painting explores how conversations are filmed using a basic shot/reverse shot, and how Joel and Ethan Coen use the technique so effectively in their movies. Their use of wide lenses, close shots, and impeccable rhythm brings it all together. Link More Awesome Stuff for You to Click On: LotR: How Music Elevates [...]

12 Movies That Got Banned By Countries For Hilarious Reasons Censorship is an issue but what happen when a movie got banned for silly reasons ! Here is a list movies that got banned around the world for hilarious reasons and causes a unimaginable pain to the director. Check Out ! more… 30 Images That [...]

What’s Inside a Shot Put Ball?

Posted: 7th October 2015 by Sus Scrofa in Awesomeness
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YouTube channel What’s Inside? specializes in cutting things in half to see what delicious fillings live inside the hard candy shells of everyday objects. Their mission to cut open an 8-pound shot put ball hits a few speed bumps along the way, but they won’t be deterred. Link More Awesome Stuff for You to Click [...]

White Sands This National Park Lençóis Maranenses (Lencois Maranhenses), located in north-eastern Brazil, in the state of Maranhao, near the town Barreyrinyas. more… 9 Most Bizarre Facebook Related Crimes Facebook is connecting people like no other social network. It’s also pinpointing authorities to crimesmore… Trick Shot Titus Titus returns in what may be the greatest [...]

A groom accidentally killed three relatives at his wedding in Turkey on Sunday when he fired into the air with an assault rifle in celebration, the Anatolia news agency reported. Eight other people were wounded at the incident at the village of Akcagoze in the southeastern province of Gaziantep. The groom unleashed a volley of [...]

An 86-year-old El Reno woman who was shot with a Taser after police officers said she threatened them said she wants the city to pay for what she did. The police report about the incident said Lona Varner threatened to stab officers with a knife when they came to her apartment in December. “It seems [...]

Drive-By Shooter Forgets to Roll Window Down

Posted: 10th November 2009 by Sus Scrofa in Crime, Fifs
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A man allegedly carried out a drive-by shooting that targeted his ex-girlfriend’s house, but he forgot to do one thing — roll down his window. City Pages reports that Andrew J. Burwitz, 20, of Appleton, Wis., was charged with four counts of first-degree reckless endangerment, four counts of endangering safety by reckless use of a [...]