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Tis’ the season for prom fails (20 Photos)

Posted: 9th May 2017 by Sus Scrofa in Oddly Enough
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Rick & Morty Season 3 Premiere

Posted: 2nd April 2017 by Sus Scrofa in Oddly Enough
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Link “He seems to have manifested some sort of butt. He is the smartest man in the universe.” Adult Swim pulled off a reverse April Fools’ prank by including the first episode of Rick and Morty‘s third season in an all-episode continuous livestream. Mirror here. More Awesome Stuff: Silicon Valley: Season 4 (Trailer)Samurai Jack Season [...]

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Black Mirror Season 3 (Trailer)

Posted: 9th October 2016 by Sus Scrofa in Oddly Enough
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Link (PG-13: Language) One of the most depressing and cynical, yet important TV series is coming exclusively to Netflix. The third season of Black Mirror will tackle the effects of technology on identity, privacy and more. Premieres 10/21/16. More Awesome Stuff: Netflix: Lemony Snicket (Teaser)Narcos Season 2 (Trailer)Stranger Things (Trailer)Voltron: Legendary Defender (Trailer)Love (Trailer) The [...]

New Volkswagen Beetle to stop production in 2018 Volkswagen might drop the Beetle from the lineup by the completion of 2018 making room for more crossovers, Autoline states on Twitter. Its Autoline Dailymore… Sony, car makers halt manufacturing due to Japan earthquakes Southern Japan has actually been hit by two severe earthquakes in a matter [...]

House of Cards Season 4 (Trailer)

Posted: 11th February 2016 by Sus Scrofa in Awesomeness
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(Season 3 Spoilers) We’ll try and keep this vague so as not to give anything away… All hell breaks loose as allies become enemies, tensions rise between pretty much everyone, and Frank continues his pursuit towards re-election. And things get really freaky. Link More Awesome Stuff for You to Click On: House of Cards Season [...]

Picture of the Year? Amazing picture with a serious messagemore… The Walking Dead: Season 4 Second Half Poster Revealed Only one month remaining till the next strike of zombies in AMC?s ?The Walking Dead?. The poster for the second half of season 4 has been revealed featuring the lead character ?Rick Grimes? as usual along [...]

The Walking Dead Game: Season 2

Posted: 13th December 2013 by Sus Scrofa in Awesomeness
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The second season of Telltale Games’ stellar animated adventure picks up where the last one left off, as Clementine must survive more horrors – in both zombie and human form. Pre-order the Mac/PC season pass now for 10% off. Link The Awesomer

Kiefer Sutherland will be back to play Jack Bauer for an eighth season of the hit counterterrorism drama “24,” but the show’s longevity will depend on its writers, the actor said Tuesday. “If I was going to liken ’24′ to a girlfriend, ’24′ has been really good to me. And I need to be really [...]