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THE WORST RAP MUSIC VIDEO IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD… EVER!!!!!!!!!! Best eve Music clip.more… Rainy Day Playground Indoor Strap Swing Playground Strap Swing for you kids to let them play indoor in case of rain or bad weather.more… Pregnant Sand Tiger Shark Savagely Attacks Diver in Aquarium The man was treated for serious injuries [...]

13 Most Amazing Black Sand Beaches Around The World Almost all of us have to perform our regular duties. Businessmen have their own business, students have to study and all others have to do many works regularly. But this regular activities become boring if we spend our days only with them. Then boredom esmore… 23 [...]

Basketball Player Accidentally Punches Referee Below the Belt This looked at lot worse than it was.more… Artists in Vietnam Can Create Photorealistic Designs Using Sand Sand painting has been around for a while, but this is a whole new level of amazing.more… How To Lose All Your Bet Money Saying Something Is Photoshopped Photoshopped Or [...]

Top 10 Songs Of The Week- March 7, 2015 Top 10 Songs For The Week Of March 7, 2015 according to the Billboard Hot 100 chart.more… Seven Unforgettable Winston Churchill Quotes Classic Churchill quotesmore… When a Genius Draws on the Sand Take a look at this magnificent 3D drawingmore… 12 Crazy Optical Tricks Wow. Check [...]

Scientist Just Found Two Planets That Are the Closest to Earth Yet! However, this could mean that soon enough we might encounter some evidence of other life forms out there!more… Mind-Boggling Art Installations Kumi Yamashita creates stunning shadow art by using various normal items and some light.more… Sand Barchans In the Midst of Snow The [...]