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Charging the M1 Abrams Tank Gun The M1 Abrams is an American third-generation main battle tank but you have to charge it manually.more… When Kids Meet Their Football Idols If you’re a football fan this might make you cry a little.more… Meanwhile In Russia Meanwhile in Russia – amazing picsmore… Don’t Even Answer These Questions [...]

There Is No Rest of Chinese Kids in Training (33 Pics) China takes the training of their young athletes very seriously and kids are pushed to beyond their limits to achieve greatness.more… Vistula Spit That Became an Island For Russia The remotest geographical object of the Kaliningrad region is situated behind the strait near Baltiysk. [...]

Stunning Bamboo Interiors: 10 Incredibly Intricate Sustainable Spaces 10 Incredibly Intricate Sustainable Spacesmore… 20 Best and Weird Photos of Russia, October Edition Best, curious, weird, you name it photos from R-countrymore… Real House Of Wax Natural size, an entire house on two floors, made ??entirely of wax, so even a Real House Of Wax with [...]

One Blog Combines Slugs And Guitar Solos? And It?s Hilarious I don’t no it’s disgusting still hilarious!more… Hailstorm a Day Ago in Russia Another hailstorm abruptly started in Altai region day ago. Hundreds of cars and buildings suffered, even the side walls of the buildings got the holes, as the hailstorm was accompanied by the [...]

Litographs of Old Russia Lithographs of old Russia, this time with English captions!more… This Guy Might Be The Coolest Stay-At-Home Dad Ever A dad responds to negative comments about his parenting with some pretty awesome photos. more… WOMAN PETS SHARK UNDERWATER ? CRAZY? UNEXSO professional shark handler Cristina Zenato calls a Caribbean reef shark to [...]