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Abraham Whipple Quotes I received orders from Congress to proceed to CharIeston in South CaroIina, for the purpose of Co’operating with GeneraI IincoIn in the defense ofmore… 27 Most Extreme Body Piercing 27 Most Extreme and most insaneBody Piercingmore… 12 Unbelievable Similarity of Parents and Children at the Same Age Unbelievable and amazing Similarity of [...]

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Rap Quotes Street Signs 4

Posted: 21st May 2015 by Sus Scrofa in Awesomeness
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(PG-13: Language) Jay Shells has paid homage to east coast and west coast rap, so now he heads to the South. The street artist went to Atlanta to continue his site-specific installation, citing locals such as Killer Mike, T.I. and Outkast. More here. Hat Tip Link The Awesomer

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