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Amazing Nurse Cat That Helps Sick Animals There are some people who say that cats are not loving, they do not require as much attention from humans and therefore do not care much with the owners. more… Different Taxis Around the World Anyone who has seen a taxi seen all, right? Wrong! Taxis in all, [...]

Dubai in Financial Trouble!

Posted: 27th November 2009 by Simo Häyhä in Economy | Finance
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DUBAI, Nov 27 (Reuters) – Fund managers will rotate dedicated money out of Dubai and into Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Egypt in search of a safe investment haven, as the Gulf emirate delayed billions of dollars of debt obligations this week.

Signs of Our Times

Posted: 13th February 2009 by Simo Häyhä in Politics
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See for Yourself

Pollution Takes its Toll on China

Posted: 31st January 2009 by Simo Häyhä in Mother Nature, Politics
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A senior family planning official in China has noted an alarming rise in the number of babies with birth defects, a Chinese media report says. Jiang Fan, from China’s National Population and Family Planning Commission, said environmental pollution was the cause of the problem. He said a child was born with physical defects every 30 [...]

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Microsoft Corp stunned Wall Street with disappointing results that included plans to slash up to 5,000 jobs and a warning that profit and revenue will almost certainly drop over the next two quarters. The news from the world’s largest software maker, which had not been expected to report results until after [...]

Obese Americans Outweigh Overweight

Posted: 11th January 2009 by Simo Häyhä in Lifestyle
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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The number of obese American adults outweighs the number of those who are merely overweight, according to the latest statistics from the federal government. Numbers posted by the National Center for Health Statistics show that more than 34 percent of Americans are obese, compared to 32.7 percent who are overweight. It said [...]