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12 Mindblowing Sandwiches You Can’t Wait To Eat Not The Normal Bland Food You Are Tired Of Sinking Your Teeth In.more… Electric Bait Bike In The Hood Prank TwinzTV have taken their classic Bait Bike In The Hood Prank to a new level.more… Idaho Mountain Lion Had Teeth Growing from Forehead A mountain lion killed [...]

Man Gets Seizure over Halloween Prank Guy fakes a seizure after being scared by halloween worker at the mall.more… Bears Chased from Property by Tiny French Bulldog French bulldog chases away bears from her family property in California.more… Pictures of Magnificent Mount Everest 31 wonderful pictures of the world’s most famous mountain.more… Almost Nailed It [...]

Photographer Shoots 180MPH Nascars Through A Hole In The Fence At Turn One! ?Its Always Louder, And More Scary, Than You Can Imagine?more… Emergency Bathtub Drinking Water Storage When a natural disaster or other emergency strikes, be prepared to have plenty of fresh drinking water on hand with the cool new waterBOB ? Emergency Drinking [...]

Diets So Extreme You Might Lose Weight Thinking About Them Most extreme ways of losing weightmore… April Fools Video Prank in Math Class This teacher played a trick on his math class for April Fool’s Day.more… Geek Builds Real-Life Batsuit Not everyone is a billionaire playboy like Bruce Wayne with an engineer around making super-cool [...]

Transparent TV Animal Prank

Posted: 21st December 2014 by Sus Scrofa in Awesomeness
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LG demonstrates the clarity and razor-thin bezel of their 4K UHD televisions, by setting set up scenes designed to deliberately perplex and entertain cats and dogs. So much more fun (and expensive) than a laser pointer. Link The Awesomer

Amazon Revealed The World’s Most Powerful E-Reader Amazon just released Kindle Voyage which is now the world’s most powerful e-reader!more… 23 Treadmill Wins And Fails Some people are awesome, but some people are so bad at the treadmill that it’s a wonder how they even stay standing when they’re not on one.more… Wasabi Wake Up [...]

10 Best DJ Applications So checkout 10 Best DJ software to help you make a decision as to which is the best for you.more… ATM Robbery Prank These pranksters got arrested by the police.more… Second Of Five Lamborghini 5-95 Zagato Supercars Built This yellow head-turner is the second of the planned five Zagato-bodied 5-95 Lamborghinis. [...]

John Cena Prank Call

Posted: 16th June 2014 by Sus Scrofa in Awesomeness
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In a thread about YouTube’s funniest videos, Redditor Unique_Name_2 shared this legendary prank call by a radio station. A woman was repeatedly subjected to a pumped up telemarketer’s offer for a pay-per-view event. Hat Tip Link The Awesomer

Wife Gets Her Revenge on Pranking Husband What goes around, comes around….more… Russian Army Training Looks More Like The WWE Not sure how this combat would work in war when the enemy has a gun.more… Senator McCain Prank Calls Hillary Clinton McCain is truly the pinnacle of humor with this callmore… Japanese Game Show Attaches [...]

World’s Youngest Tattoo Artist Most three-year-old girls are just getting to grips with felt pens, but Ruby Dickinson is taking her artistic tendencies a step further. The toddler is set to become the world’s youngest tattoo artist after learning the trade from her father, Blane, who rmore… An Anniversary Prank A guy is setting up [...]

Never Ending Specials Prank

Posted: 13th December 2013 by Sus Scrofa in Awesomeness
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Diners at this restaurant were treated to a reading of the day’s specials by their server. It’s just that this particular day, the waiter was planted there by CollegeHumor. We’re having the anchflousalmtrout. Hat Tip Link The Awesomer