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Stuck For Photography Ideas? Open Your Eyes, We?ll Show You How Whenever you pick up a guide or a book to learn something about photography, you’re usually bombarded with suggestions towards other resources, promotedmore… These Leftist Thugs Nearly Kill Conservatives For Simply Supporting Their Candidate INSANE VIDEO! trump supporters almost killed They?re trying to kill [...]

Sexy Rider Frida Aasen The post Sexy Rider Frida Aasen appeared first on Barnorama.more… Every NFL team?s biggest draft mistake (32 Photos) Every NFL team?s biggest draft mistake (32 Photos)more… Northern Noir Photography by Kourtney Roy Photographer: Kourtney Roy Location: Paris, France Northern Noir Photography by Kourtney Roy Source: iGNANTmore… Constructed Art Photography by Pawel [...]

List of Bizarre Auctions Reunites ?imaginary Friend?, a Medal and Even a Leg In the United States, a Nobel prize winner physicist put up for sale the award.more… Second Before Disaster : Mind Bending Photography So you love crazy pictures? Then watch out! may be these photos are the creepiest one you ever saw!more… A [...]

There Is a Dating Site for Almost Everyone (20 Pics) There Is a Dating Site for Almost Everyone (20 pics)There Is a Dating Site for Almost Everyone (20 pics)more… Fail Engagement Photography Every one like to capture their special moments but these copules doing it by extremely funny pose… take alook more… Grottos to Game [...]

View of Mountains View of Mountainsmore… League of Legends finalists in front of a sold-out world cup stadium League of Legends finalists in front of a sold-out world cup stadiummore… Mind-Blowing Drone Photography teamed up with National Geographic France to host the first International Drone Photography Competition in the world.more… Awesome Typewriter Awesome Typewritermore… [...]

Cats Sitting In Funny And Silly Positions They do it like humansmore… Realistic Cakes Unbelievably Artist Creates Realistic Cakes designer Debbie Goard of Debbie Does Cakes is an expert in her unique field of cake making. Unlike most other patissiers, she doesn?t make ordinary, tiered cakes. Instead, this baking artist makes desserts that look like [...]

Mystical Blue Lagoon Many people associate the term, blue lagoon with the 1980s Randal Kleiser film "The Blue Lagoon" starring Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins, but this one in Iceland is the real deal.more… Top 10 Christian Bale Films Christian Bale rocks 10 films to the top more… Portrait Photography by Sebastian Cvitanic Photographer: Sebastian [...]

Life is Full of Funny Coincidences A coincidence (often stated as a mere coincidence) is a collection of two or more events or conditions, closely related by time, space, form, or other associations which appear unlikely to bear a relationship as either cause to effect or effects of a sharmore… Photography by Lauren Lemon Photographer: [...]

Even crazier inside [pic] Even crazier inside [pic]more… By The Time You See It, You’d [pic] By The Time You See It, You’d [pic]more… Literature in Form of Photography In expanding our Fish Head series we sorted out to create another dynamic group of images playing with surface tension of water naturally.more… Couples Kiss From [...]

Jaguar Brings Three Hollywood Villiains Together Yes, all of these movies villain are all British. Sir Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston and Mark Strong, all three are Hollywood?s biggest villains, today ? This is what makes Jaguar say ?It is #GoodtobeBad?more… Dubai CityScape Photography Great photo series of dubai by German photographer Jens Fersterra.more… The Famous [...]

Pripyat From the Height of Its Buildings The city where time stopped long ago photographed from the height of its buildings in different seasons of a year.more… 11 Ephemeral Pieces of Light Art Photography Light art painting or light writing photographs taken in the dark.more… CARS TO SURVIVE THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE THE WALKING DEAD If [...]