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Never go out alone, take a wingman (56 Photos)

Posted: 3rd June 2017 by Sus Scrofa in Oddly Enough
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Paid $500 to Never Tell This Story

Posted: 13th August 2016 by Sus Scrofa in Oddly Enough
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Link (PG-13) Viceland animated a story by stand-up comedian Sean Patton about a wild night from when he was just starting out. Or not. It’s as real as any good short film, which is to say we had fun watching it and that’s all that matters. More Awesome Stuff: FUELKaizo TrapAnimation vs. MinecraftGTA V Lightsaber [...]

15 Striking Blackout Tattoos That Almost Look Unreal Inkredible. Blackout tattoos involve tattooing large areas of the body in ~solid~ black ink. “It takes a lot of patience and technical skills tomore… Never give up, never surrender The post Never give up, never surrender appeared on Meme Collection.more… The option of last resort The post [...]

Funny Gifdump (15 Gifs) Daily Gifdump N°140 of Rire En Boitemore… Batman V Superman: How A Man Can Beat A God Here is Our in Depth Look at How Batman Can Beat Supermanmore… Top 5 New Technology & Inventions You Never Know For Our Future In This Video you can see Cool Gadgetsmore… The 17 [...]

Drive Under the Water In Netherlands You can Drive Under the watermore… The Growing PENCIL – It’s True This is the fact pencil that grows like a plant.more… Girl Never Say NO to You – Use This Trick These 10 Geeky design Engagement Rings definitely helping youmore… 5 Best Mist Humidifiers Reviews Of 2016 Best [...]

27 Unusual Images That Will Make You Embarrass Get ready for a good dose of pure WTF … And do not waste your time trying to understand. None of this has a logic, or serious explanation. Check out!more… 24 Interesting Facts About Hollywood Interesting facts of Hollywood that will amaze you. Check out..more… Things You [...]

30 Most Creepy Beautiful Places Around The World There will be always something strange but also beautiful. At a time the places was full of life but are now abandoned. You can find places like this everywhere in the world. Here we make a list of 30 places around the world what is quite beautiful [...]