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US Navy VFA-27 Cruise Video

Posted: 21st April 2014 by Sus Scrofa in Awesomeness
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A teaser for Shoot ‘Em if You Got ‘Em, a compilation by the US Navy’s F/A-18E Super Hornet fighter squadron VFA-27. The video features awesome cockpit and POV footage of the pilots flying and testing their weapons. Hat Tip Link The Awesomer

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The U.S. Coast Guard and Navy were still hoping Friday to find survivors of a collision between a Coast Guard plane carrying two people and a Marine Corps helicopter carrying seven off the Southern California coast.

Mexico’s navy has seized more than a tonne of cocaine stuffed inside frozen sharks, as drug gangs under military pressure go to greater lengths to conceal narcotics bound for the United States.

The Russian navy said on Friday that one of its anti-submarine ships had fired artillery at a village by mistake, state RIA news agency reported.

As the standoff between the US Navy and Somali pirates intensified Friday in the Indian Ocean, with pirates vowing to fight on as the US encircled them, analysts were pointing to the episode as evidence that international naval power may have a limited role in ridding the seas of the pirate scourge.