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Casey Anthony, the young Florida mother who has been a constant presence on the cable news networks during the trial about whether she murdered her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Marie three years ago, was just found not guilty on the most serious charges against her. A jury found her not guilty of first degree murder, not [...]

In the days before Dorice “DeeDee” Moore was arrested for the murder of a millionaire lottery winner, she asked her ailing father if he would take the rap for her, according to transcripts released by the Hillsborough State Attorney Thursday. “She was talking back and forth, you know, with different things,” said Moore’s father Patrick [...]

A North Carolina woman was fatally shot by her ex-boyfriend after she posted news of her engagement to another man on her Facebook page , police told ABC News. Karen Ann Rooney, 63, was found shot several times in her Maysville, N.C., home Saturday night by a neighbor. With her was Peter Terrance Moonan, 62, [...]

Shaquawna Meaders had spent “a nice night” at her friend’s apartment as the friend’s skinny 14-year-old son made them laugh and his young siblings prepared for a trip to Coney Island. Then on Thursday, Meaders learned that her friend had died, the young girls’ throats had been slit and police had begun to suspect the [...]