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The Square Breathing: You Can Learn in 1 Minute and is Useful for Your Life Image Credit: The Navy SEALs used to stay calm and focused under the most stressful conditions with the help of the square breathing. It ismore… The Social Media is freaking out about a ?time traveler? at a Mike Tyson [...]

You Might Be Doing It Wrong You Might Be Doing it Wrong part 2more… You Know You?ve Made It When You Own One of These You Know You?ve Made it When You Own One of These !more… The Aftermath of the Tianjin Explosions The Aftermath of the Tianjin Explosions!more… Daily WTF: Nothing To See Here [...]

Most Creepy Tinder Profiles They Might Just Work If you haven?t found your true love on Tinder yet, maybe it?s because your profile isn?t even half as creepy as these people?s.more… Underwater Guitar Solo on Full Metal Cruise The world’s first underwater live guitar performance happened at the ‘Full Metal Cruise’ during DragonForce’s concert.more… Skateboarding [...]

Diets So Extreme You Might Lose Weight Thinking About Them Most extreme ways of losing weightmore… April Fools Video Prank in Math Class This teacher played a trick on his math class for April Fool’s Day.more… Geek Builds Real-Life Batsuit Not everyone is a billionaire playboy like Bruce Wayne with an engineer around making super-cool [...]