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The Square Breathing: You Can Learn in 1 Minute and is Useful for Your Life Image Credit: The Navy SEALs used to stay calm and focused under the most stressful conditions with the help of the square breathing. It ismore… The Social Media is freaking out about a ?time traveler? at a Mike Tyson [...]

Mico is a pair of “mind-reading” (aka biofeedback) headphones that is controlled by your brain waves. Pretty girls can always sell stuff. Leave your Comment.

Philips’ new DesignLine TVs have a glass front that is seamless, frameless and a has a black gradient design. Leave your Comment.

Disappointed is not a strong enough word. Disgusted, maybe. Even repulsed has a nice ring to it. I can’t believe what I saw tonight and I feel sorry for the people who paid big bucks to witness this fiasco. Not to mention the bettors who actually thought they had a fair shot at an Ortiz [...]

A shop owner in western Pennsylvania has sold himself a winning $1.8 million lottery ticket — and as the seller of the ticket, he’ll get an extra $10,000. Ron Rea owns Tobacco World stores in Uniontown and Belle Vernon. He bought the winning ticket for the Nov. 18 Match 6 Lotto drawing at the Belle [...]

Who knew in the beginning that the world’s most expensive website would turn out to be It makes sense since sex sells, but it is still surprising that the coveted site sells for $13 million. The previous owner of the site was Escom LLC, and they had to sell the domain due to debt [...]

Tonight (today) is the match every football fan has been waiting for, The Champions League Final!! This is the most important football (soccer) competition in Europe and the anticipation for this particular clash is enormous. Tonight two of the biggest teams in the world will meet, Barcelona the fast paced Spanish Champions, samba style team [...]