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Dog Retrieves the Mail It’s the highlight of not only the dog’s day, but the mail lady’s too!more… Top 10 The Beatles Cover Performances The Beatles took the entire world by storm with their unique rock driven sound and not only changed the course of music history but as a band they made history outright. [...]

Here is a small collection of top rated alien and UFO documentaries for you to watch during World UFO day. We’ve collected the best for you to watch for free online. Do you know a documentary or documentaries that must be seen on this subject? Mail us at The rest at Leave your [...]

A pot-smoking British postal carrier has pleaded guilty to burning mail after he said the weed made him too lazy to deliver it. Neil Goddard of York told police that he smoked so much of the $13,000 worth of marijuana plants growing in his home that he was unable to keep up with his deliveries, [...]

Mail with my name on it always makes me smile, but credit card solicitations are a whole other story. Opting out of these offers has brought the number to a fraction of what it used to be, so I would advise Gary Silbar of Highland Park, Illinois to do the same. In an experiment that [...]