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Some People Can Turn Emojis Into A Language Emojis used in creative ways.more… What If The Moon Was Replaced By Other Planets Would you like to replace the moon?more… The Man Behind Hollywoods Best Posters Meet Paul Shipper. Paul is an illustrator based out of the UK who has been responsible for many of hollywoods [...]

A “hidden” language spoken by only about 1,000 people has been discovered in the remote northeast corner of India by researchers who at first thought they were documenting a dialect of the Aka culture, a tribal community that subsists on farming and hunting. They found an entirely different vocabulary and linguistic structure. Even the speakers [...]

WASHINGTON – The best time to learn a foreign language: Between birth and age 7. Missed that window? New research is showing just how children’s brains can become bilingual so easily, findings that scientists hope eventually could help the rest of us learn a new language a bit easier.

Google Inc released a tool that translates Internet blogs, news articles and text messages from English to Persian, and vice-versa, in a move the firm said will “improve access to information” amid the turmoil and media restrictions following Iran‘s disputed election. The move is the latest example of the growing role that consumer Internet technology [...]

Beauty is in the brain of the beholder. Go to any museum and there will be men and women admiring paintings and sculpture. But it turns out they are thinking about the sight differently. Men process beauty on the right side of their brains, while women use their whole brain to do the job. The [...]

They were giving out the annual Prix de la Carpette Anglaise the other day. Literally it means the English Rug Prize, but doormat would be the better translation. As the citation explains, the award goes to the French person or institution who has given the best display of “fawning servility” to further the insinuation into [...]