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US Official Frosty Over Russian Firm?s ?Little Obama? Ice Cream A Russian company is trying to cash in on chilly relations between Moscow and Washington by releasing an ice cream called ‘Little Obama,’ irritatingmore… West Point Cadets Seen Giving The ?Black Power? Salute West Point officers are investigating after a picture of 16 female cadets [...]

26 Fresh Memes To Keep You Entertained funny memesmore… Is This Photograph of the Irish Coast the #Dressgate of 2016? This viral image is sending the internet into meltdownmore… 25 Clever Science Jokes That Will Impress All Your Nerdy Friends Science can be funny! Seriously! No matter who you are, it?s always a good idea [...]

Daily WTF: You Keep It Classy Sir You Keep it Classy Sirmore… Daily WTF: My Face When I Realize Friday is Far Away My Face When I Realize Friday is Far Away more… Daily WTF: Go Hard on Your Weekend Go Hard on Your Weekendmore… 10 Actors Who Have Never Been Nominated for an Oscar [...]

How to Keep Cars off the Sidewalk

Posted: 7th February 2015 by Sus Scrofa in Awesomeness
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(NSFW: Language) Russian vigilante group Стоп Хам (Stop a Douchebag) catches road regulation violators red-handed. Here they take on folks that drive on sidewalks and bike lanes. The track is Бабки (Babki) by Zoo in Space. More here. Hat Tip Link The Awesomer

10 Inspirations Behind Comic Book Supervillains The countdown for the inspirations behind those jaws dropping, fearsome Supervillains are all ahead.more… I Had To Speed Up My Typing To Keep Up With This Gallery Of Exotic Cars! Home Funny Interesting WTF Babes Models Actresses The Girls Next Door Food Cars Money ?ABOUT STEAKWOOD? Cars I Had [...]

Adorable Photos of 4-Year-Old Instagram Sensation Mimicking High Fashion Shots Ryker Wixom is the most fashionable 4-year-old you?re likely to meet this side of a black AMEX, and given how fast his Instagram star is rising, you?re likely to at least hear about him before long. Together with his mom Collette Wixom, the duo have [...]