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World’s Longest Ski Jumps

Posted: 19th March 2017 by Sus Scrofa in Oddly Enough
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Link Skier Stefan Kraft broke the record for the world’s longest ski jump, gliding an astounding 253.5 meters (~832 ft) through the air during an event at Vikersund, just moments after Robert Johansson broke the record at 252 meters (~827 ft). Both jumps were extraordinary. More Awesome Stuff: Torey Pudwill’s Flatbar FrenzyJetpack Skiing 2.0Rollerblading Mountain [...]

The Largest Lips of Instagram Meet ’8gates2paradise’ an Afghan woman with a soul-penetrating gaze and suspiciously large lips who has found her place in the vastness of Instagram.more… Candyman is Most Hated Person on Instagram Australian tobacco mogul Travers Beynon, aka CandyMan, is probably the most hated man on Instagram at the moment.more… Half-Eaten Fish [...]

What Do You Think About Guy Performing Brutal WWE Finishing Moves On His Girlfriend? I don’t believe anybody here has the right to think anything. more… Man Skydives-The Thing Is He Jumps Without A Parachute This Guy Skydives At 2400 Ft In The Air And Does It Without A Parachute To Descendmore… Guys Capture Magnificent [...]

Shocking Moment Woman Jumps out of a Car Grabs Another Driver by Her Hair This shocking moment shows how a woman grabbed an innocent motorist by the hair and violently assaulted her in the street in the middle of the day after a road rage row over parking.more… Action Mobil Global XRS 7200 Expedition Vehicle [...]

MAN JUMPS INTO METRO RAILS, SAVED BY PASSENGERS IN MADRID A man was rescued on Tuesday at the Madrid Sol subway, after he fell into the train track, when the train was about to enter the station. An off duty police who was standing at the opposite platform jumped into the tracks and saved him [...]