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Selah Sue: Always Home

Posted: 11th February 2017 by Sus Scrofa in Oddly Enough
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Link A visually striking music video created by director Filip Sterckx and director of photography Filip Sterckx, in which the only source of light is a light bulb being swung about on a cord. By layering multiple frames in After Effects, they achieved a spellbinding result. More Awesome Stuff: Planetary Panoramas 4KSeasons of NorwayDissolving M&MsPhotography [...]

Ex wrestler Chyna found dead – Chyna, Actress and Former Pro Wrestler, Found Dead in Her Home Former WWE star Joanie Laurer also known as Chyna has passed away. The 46-year-old wrestler had not been seen or heard from for a few days, accordingmore… Guy Cuts Down a Tree, Finds Something Terrifying Inside Surprising moment [...]

The Afternoon Break! Part 4 ! The Afternoon Break!!!more… Don?t Forget, You?re Here Forever Do it for hermore… Homeless Dog Hitchhikes to a New Home and Life Homeless Dog Hitchhikes to a New Home and Life!!more… Pakistani Girls Are Really Cute Huge Collection of International Fashion, Pakistani Fashion, Indian Fashion. Pictures / images of fashion [...]

5 Do?s & Dont?s Of Holiday Shopping Holiday season is upon us and that means two things, a bigger waistline and a smaller wallet. Whether we?re travelling, partying or buying gifts for family, friends and ?more-than-friends?, it?s the most expensive season of the year. With so muchmore… 7 Ways You Can Do at Home to [...]

People With Unconventional Fashion Sense These people clearly don’t care about fashion trends.more… Man Turns Boeing 727 Into a Cozy Home Bruce Campbell, an aviation enthusiast from Oregon, transformed a decommissioned Boeing 727-200 into a cozy home, complete with 1,066-square-feet of interior living space.more… Power Paper Stores Electricity and Recharges in Seconds Swedish researchers have [...]