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Hard Enduro Racing in Super Slow Motion The chaos from Red Bull Minas Riders 2016.more… Everything Wrong with The Force Awakens Sins of last year’s second-best film.more… Daily Morning Awesomeness (36 Photos) Daily Morning Awesomeness (36 Photos)more… Get lowbrow, get dirty, and have yourself a good time (35 Photos) Get lowbrow, get dirty, and have [...]

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Die Hard in 60 Seconds

Posted: 25th February 2014 by Sus Scrofa in Awesomeness
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(NSFW: Language) Welcome to the party, pal. The latest speedrun from 1A4studio sums up one of the greatest popcorn flicks of all time. We only wish they included the scene where Argyle smashes his limo into the Theo’s truck. Link The Awesomer

The Real Meaning of Hard Work Learn how you can be a hard worker while following your dreams and doing what you love.more… China’s Olympic Stadium turned into China’s Olympic Stadium turned intomore… Some People and Animals Can Do Many Things at Once! Wondering how many? See for yourself ..more… 24 Awesome Dream Cars 24 [...]