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Great Film Casting Decisions

Posted: 27th April 2016 by Sus Scrofa in Awesomeness
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CineFix ranks its top 10 picks for the best movie casts. There are those whose actors have become synonymous with their roles, co-stars with wonderful chemistry and the unicorns on opposite ends: movies filled with amateurs and movies with ensemble casts. Hat Tip Link More Awesome Stuff for You to Click On: Did Tarantino Steal [...]

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25 Examples Of Worst Engineering Safety Practices 19 Examples Of Worst Engineering Practicesmore… Firefighters Blast Drone With Water Hose New York firefighters tried to knock drone from sky with fire hose.more… The Largest Great White Shark Ever Recorded Largest great white shark ever videotaped underwater?more… News Interview About Police Officer Injured In Crash Is Just [...]

Can You Spell The Most Commonly Misspelled Words? Can you spell the most commonly misspelled words in English? Let?s see if you can ace this test!more… Elfie ? Selfie Taken by Elephant with Trunk in Park in Thailand Turns Hit Image was shared by the tourist Christian LeBlanc. On Reddit, photo received over 1.4 million [...]

Great Big Shark is Photographed in Attack Position in Australia Scene was recorded in tourist ride. Company used bait to lure the predator.more… On A Boat Ride Hunted By A Shark One of the most famous attractions of the Universal Studios theme park in Orlando,Florida, is the Shark one, taken from the famous film by [...]