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The global war on drugs has failed and governments should explore legalizing marijuana and other controlled substances, according to a commission that includes former heads of state, a former U.N. secretary-general and a business mogul.

A medical marijuana law in the state of Montana is being used for large-scale drug trafficking, federal prosecutors said, days after the U.S. government raided facilities across the state. The raids on Monday capped an 18-month investigation of marijuana trafficking statewide, the U.S. Attorney for Montana, Michael Cotter, said in a statement.

If you didn’t know Rand Paul, you do now.  Yes, he is the son of smartest candidate in the last Presidential election, Ron Paul.  Rand has recently won the Republican nomination for Senate in Kentucky, despite not having support of any major Republican backers.  He did this by using the same grounds root, back to [...]

Talk about the Undistinguished Gentleman…I am behind any movement that is going to give the common man a voice and put a stop to the generations of spoiled and detached politicians from their Ivy League Ivory Towers.  We need a revolution.  However, this is certainly not what I had in mind.  Clearly being unemployed gave [...]

Overruling two important precedents about the First Amendment rights of corporations, a bitterly divided Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that the government may not ban political spending by corporations in candidate elections.

What could you do with 18 million dollars? Well, that is the amount being spent to redo stimulus information site This is a classic example of wasteful government spending. Whether it be the city of Los Angeles spending $48,826 on sandwiches from a deli a whopping 80 miles from LA to feed cops during [...]

Fired Up! Missouri points out that the Lafayette County Republican Central Committee is highlighting a new billboard in the state with steps for a “citizens guide to revolution of a corrupt government“: This billboard replaces one that warned that the socialist “Obama-Nation” is “coming for you.” It’s unclear who the owner of the billboard is, [...]

If the Obama administration keeps its promise in guaranteeing not to raise taxes to pay for universal health care, the only way to cover the costs will be for the Federal Reserve to print even more money out of thin air, a process that will kill the dollar and lead to lower living standards for [...]