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Adorable Kitchen Monsters Turkish artist Korhan Erçin combine cute illustrations with everyday kitchen items and food.more… Google Inc. is Now Alphabet Inc. Remember Google planned to create its parent company called Alphabet? Well, the reorganization of <a href="">Google</a> Inc. into the holding company called Alphabet Inc. has now been completed.more… Office Pranks That Have Been [...]

Drawings on Matchbook from Google MapsKrista Charles amazing art matchbookmore… Creepy Black and White Photos from the Past A collection of 21 creepy and hard-to-explain vintage photos that will send chills down your spine.more… Become More Visible with Volvo Lifepaint Safety has always been a huge part of the Volvo brand. Now the Swedish automaker [...]

WATCH TRUE STORY OF INDIA?S FIRST VOTER MR. SHYAM NEGI ? BY GOOGLE INDIA Google India has come up with this beautiful ad based on true story of Independent India?s first voter Mr. Shyam Negi who believes in democracy and value of vote. He is 97 years old and never missed an opportunity to vote.more… [...]

Top 10 Richest Presidents in the World The richest presidents for todaymore… It Took 4-Months, But This Dad Built a Special VW for His Child How does one use Volkswagen Beetle parts that were acquired for free off a Craigslist user?more… Google Unveils 4-Legged Mule Robot Here’s a first look at Spot from Boston Dynamics, [...]

Slow Motion F1 Pit Stop Here’s a slow motion pit stop showing just how efficiently the crew works now.more… Top Ten Most Ridiculous Questions to Ask Google I guess nothing is sacred anymore but they sure are entertaining.more… Skateboard Flat Ground Tricks Uncommon skateboarding tricks in super slow motion.more… 4 Girls Do Something Fun These [...]

Top 5 Unexpected Uses for Google Glass Since Google?s introduction on April 4, 2012, the internet giant has made sure that almost every time we see the high tech eyewear, it?s on the face of a beautiful or influential person. Usually that beautiful person is a model pretending to be eithermore… Top 5 World?s Most [...]

10 Google Interesting Facts Watch the short video clip about Google Facts more… 25 Mutant Plants Produce From Japan The plants at Fukushima, Japan is turned all weird and kind of a weird mutant. All mutant plants are edible, but would you eat?more… Black Swanson Could you imagine him like Black Swanmore… Grandma Is A [...]

Google Blackmail 2

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(NSFW) With Google+ currently looking like yet another failed experiment, CollegeHumor decided it was time to go back to an old sketch that we truly and deeply hope stays as a joke. Because Mountain View has all of us by our balls. Link The Awesomer

Alien Face Hidden to Look Like Mountains in Canada, Google Earth Discovery [video] Giant ALIEN FACE or Indian CHIEF FACE found on Google Earth, in Canada, over 400 meters across, great detail, Millions of years old.more… Interesting Engagement Statistics At any time surprise how your engagement stacks up in opposition to the relaxation? more… Chic [...]

Google has picked out 8,000 people who will be given a chance to don a pair of Internet-connected glasses and make a fashion statement likely to be envied by gadget-loving geeks around the world. I want one. Leave your Comment.