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WASHINGTON – The U.S. climate bill would give states that are heavily reliant on greenhouse-gas emitting fuels, like coal, more carbon credits on a per capita basis than those that use clean fuels, according to an analysis of the legislation released on Wednesday.

SAN FRANCISCO – Solar panels in space. It sounds more like science fiction than a business, but one early stage company has raised money from investors to launch solar panels into space and use high-powered radio waves to beam back energy to earth.

There’s plenty of economic pain to go around these days because of the recession. Now there’s this: Gas prices have surged nearly 10% over the past two weeks. That’s a gain of 20 cents during the past 14 days, and the national average hit $2.248 a gallon on Tuesday, according to a survey by motorist [...]

In a move completely ignored by the corporate media, the state of Hawaii has introduced resolutions in the Senate and House to initiate a study by the Insurance Commissioner to determine how best to deny gasoline purchases to uninsured motorists. In order to do this, the Hawaii Senate and House concur that “motor vehicle insurance [...]

A 1994 Chevy Camaro similar to the model the guy was driving…. Now this would REALLY be funny if it happened to somebody famous who knew they had “unlimited” funds in their account.  A man using a PayPal debit card was charged $81,400,836,908 after pumping $26 worth of gas while using a $90 pre-paid card.  [...]

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama’s first budget wallops the oil and gas industry by eliminating $31.5 billion in tax breaks while blaming the administration of former President George W. Bush for perpetuating the nation’s dependence on fossil fuels. If Congress agrees to Obama’s proposals, the long list of tax breaks that would disappear would affect [...]

SUDZHA, Russia (Reuters) – Russia started pumping gas meant for Europe via Ukraine on Tuesday for the first time in nearly a week, but the European Union said little or no gas was flowing to countries suffering urgent energy shortages. Russia accused Ukraine of shutting off gas to Europe. But Kiev blamed lack of pressure [...]

EU Faces an Energy Crisis Over Russian Gas

Posted: 6th January 2009 by Simo Häyhä in Politics
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Slovakia, one of the countries affected by this dispute between Ukraine and Russia, proclaimed state of emergency due to the huge cut of gas flow today. MOSCOW (Reuters) – Europe faced a deepening energy crunch and more sub-zero temperatures on Wednesday, with Moscow and Kiev showing little sign of a swift resolution of a pricing [...]