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[Video] This Gadget Completely Changes How Selfie Sticks Should Work STIKBOX – the first selfie stick case for iPhone and Samsungmore… Bizarre Sci-Fi Chair o, this isn’t a prop from an Alien movie, it’s just the "Fabric Chair". Rather than use traditional materials, a special type of resin was developed to harden fabric, which was [...]

hoppers might have been confused by a new product that made its way into five Los Angeles Best Buy stores on Friday. Complete with a bar code, price and label, the box read: “Another gadget you don’t really need.” Pranked! There right you dont need another useless gadget. Leave your Comment…

Google has picked out 8,000 people who will be given a chance to don a pair of Internet-connected glasses and make a fashion statement likely to be envied by gadget-loving geeks around the world. I want one. Leave your Comment.

The Best of CES

Posted: 14th January 2010 by Sus Scrofa in Science | Technology
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CES week meant one thing: Absolute gadget overload. Here’s the best of Gizmodo’s dispatches from gadget hell, all in one place.

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Mini Sure, I could write a holiday gift guide telling you to buy a TV, a laptop, or a Blu-ray player… but how boring would that be? Everybody has these things already, and if they need a new one, well, they’ll tell you exactly what they want. Instead I’ve spent the [...]

The Ultimate Spy Gadget

Posted: 3rd February 2009 by Sus Scrofa in Science | Technology
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This 5-in-1 Spy Pen is every secret agent’s wet dream. It functions as an audio and video recorder, USB webcam, 2GB USB flash drive, and works as a fully functioning pen too.  Recession Special ~ $99.00.

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