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Family Exactly 100 Years Apart great-grandmother and her great-granddaughter exactly 100 years apartmore… Tiny Pig Has Trouble Keeping Her Balance On A Frozen Sidewalk Is Adorably Hilarious This adorable mini pig from Pittsburgh took a short walk in the winter weather, only to find the sidewalk was a bit more slippery than anticipated. more… 1200 [...]

Red Bull Frozen Rush

Posted: 14th January 2014 by Sus Scrofa in Awesomeness
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The recent Polar Vortex may have frozen half the nation, but it made for the ultimate battleground during Red Bull’s off-road race of 900hp Pro 4 Trucks on the snow- and ice-covered slopes of Maine‚Äôs Sunday River Resort. More here. Link The Awesomer

12 Unusually Placed Sports Venues When it comes to sports venues, they are often located in the usual places. These are the most peripheral parts of towns and other settlements, and in major cities are located in strictly urban areas. But if you search hard enough, you?ll find there aremore… Happiest Countries in the World [...]