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Bath Bomb That Turns Your Bath into Universe! The bomb is bright blue with a bit of white and pink running through it and it was covered in gold and silver glitter.more… Chinese Artist Creates a Ladder to Heaven of 1602 Feet in Height Using Fireworks In tribute to their grandmother!more… 18 Awesome Facts About [...]

Don’t April Fool Your Girlfriend Like This April Fools or not, it?s never a good idea to troll your girlfriend this hard.more… Russian Missile And Artillery Units Shoot Fireworks At Night In Sergeevka, Russian Far East, missile and artillery units recently held large-scale integration exercises. Over 2,5 thousand military men were practising their combat skills. [...]

Another doomsday come and gone, and once again, we’re all still here.

How Do You Celebrate Easter?

Posted: 10th April 2009 by Simo Häyhä in Lifestyle, Religion
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