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Lil Jon vs. Double Dream Feet

Posted: 23rd August 2016 by Sus Scrofa in Oddly Enough
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Link (PG-13: Lyrics) A perfectly synchronized mashup between dance meme sensation John “Double Dream Feet” Jacobson and Lil Jon & Eastside Boyz’ 2002 track Throw It Up. Who knows. Maybe John really does have this track in heavy rotation on his iPod. More Awesome Stuff: The WasNehNehNehBeavis & Butthead Do Da RockwilderIt Wasn’t Me: Muppets [...]

Bath Bomb That Turns Your Bath into Universe! The bomb is bright blue with a bit of white and pink running through it and it was covered in gold and silver glitter.more… Chinese Artist Creates a Ladder to Heaven of 1602 Feet in Height Using Fireworks In tribute to their grandmother!more… 18 Awesome Facts About [...]

Living in Huge Metal Barrels Behind the Polar Circle These houses are called ?all-metal unified blocks?. more… Royal Caribbean’s New Ship Hangs You 300 Feet Above the Deck In a Crane 348 meters long with a width of 41 meters and a draft of 8.5 meters, the Quantum of the Seas, which has a gauge [...]

CHICAGO – China and the United States are kicking up a trade war over chicken in which Beijing effectively has given the boot to millions of dollars worth of U.S. chicken, about half of which is chicken feet. This action comes as Congress begins deliberating the 2010 federal budget for agriculture, which could extend a [...]