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13 Strange Facts That You Didn’t Learn In School Some cool shit to learn while you’re at work more… Bikers Attack Motorist And Get A Serving Of Insta-Karma The aggressive bikers were harassing a motorist, including not letting him get around them and even eventually attacking. He retaliated and served up some swift payback.more… 16 [...]

15 Awesome Examples of Photo Manipulations Extremely Awesome Photo Manipulationmore… Quotes About Fear of the Unknown Anxiety or Fear can stop you in your tracks and hold you back. It?s not easy to face your fears and push through them, but it?s essential.more… Best Inspiring Quotes About Strength You can find a great deal of [...]

27 Accident That Are Really Weird I am not sure how this could be possible and how they get driving licence !more… 27 Examples Of Animals Helping Their Friends Animals are the best friend of human. Because they won’t judge you good or bad and support you always. Here are some example of animals helping [...]

Real-Life Pokemon Spotted A Blue Dragon, also known as Glaucus atlanticus, recently washed ashore on Australia’s Gold Coast Beach.more… Massive Mansion Has IMAX Theater Priced at an astonishing $ 159-million, Le Palais Royal is truly a Versailles-style royal palace, or as close as money can get you. Situated along Hillsboro Mile in Florida.more… 37 Shining [...]

30 Most Creepy Beautiful Places Around The World There will be always something strange but also beautiful. At a time the places was full of life but are now abandoned. You can find places like this everywhere in the world. Here we make a list of 30 places around the world what is quite beautiful [...]

25 Examples Of Worst Engineering Safety Practices 19 Examples Of Worst Engineering Practicesmore… Firefighters Blast Drone With Water Hose New York firefighters tried to knock drone from sky with fire hose.more… The Largest Great White Shark Ever Recorded Largest great white shark ever videotaped underwater?more… News Interview About Police Officer Injured In Crash Is Just [...]

Prime Examples Of Why Protland, Oregon Is As Weird As They Say It Is Weird photos from Portland.more… Ridiculous Selfie Stick Photos Funny selfie stick photos.more… Amazing Aerial Shots of NYC curious photos from nyc at nightmore… Just Incredible Photos A set of awesome picsmore… The Sushi Bazooka The homemade Sushi revolution is now well [...]

Selfies Anonymous A 12-step group for people who struggle with selfies. more… This is How Silly Social Media Culture is You know who you are, hashtags everywhere, photos of food. You’re overdoing it! more… Hilarious Examples of Britain?s Worst Parking Including One Who Parked on Top of a Concrete Bollard Perilously perched over the edge [...]

Shining Examples of How Photos Can Be More Fun from an Ideal Vantage Point Everything is a matter of forced perspective. This is a commonly used trick photography to give a false idea of size of an object. You can find many examples of images using this technique on the internet but I separated 40 [...]

Seven Of The World?s Most Talented Kids To the parents who proudly smack their child?s ?Student of the Month? sticker on their car bumpers for others? admiration, prepare to be amazed. more… 50 Unique Examples of Landscapes Photography about nature is commonly called as Landscape and the most important element of these kind of photos [...]