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It has been disclosed that Facebook has buy the domain. This news arrives before its special event, where it is set to uncover an improved version of Messages. According to rumors, it is expected all Facebook users will be offered an email address with the suffix. Here’s our question: how will Facebook differentiate [...]

This image was posted on BP’s main website until yesterday. Look at all of those people working so hard to stem the oil disaster! Now look a little closer. Now be appalled that it’s egregiously—and very, very poorly—photoshopped. Americablog first caught the deception, which wasn’t terribly hard to catch given what a sloppy job BP [...]

A glitch in AT&T’s Web site has exposed the e-mail addresses of more than 100,000 iPad buyers. The data was downloaded by a hacking group known as Goatse Security, which obtained the information after stumbling upon a program on AT&T’s Web site that would send back the iPad user’s e-mail address when given a unique [...]

LONDON – The head of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales is concerned that excessive use of emails and mobile phone text messaging is creating shallow friendships and undermining community life, according to an interview published on Sunday.

Google Gmail Service Down

Posted: 24th February 2009 by The Dude in Science | Technology
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Email users opting to use Google’s Gmail email service were thrown into a panic as the service went down today. “Gmail down, PANIC STATIONS, PANIC STATIONS. Or I could go and make a cuppa, I suppose”, summed up the cries on Twitter as users looked at communicating with people in other ways. “We aren’t sure [...] represents a group of individuals who share a common interest in the news and the effect it has on the world around us. We are not the mainstream media, in fact we are the opposite. The information found here is completely unbiased and unaltered from its original source. We encourage people to make their [...]