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Uniqlo has Released a Collection in Collaboration with Artist KAWS Uniqlo, Japan has launched their new collection in collaboration with New York artist KAWS. The face of the campaign was the Instagram star, Sarah Snyder.more… 15 Doodles That Only People Who Love To Sleep Will Truly Understand! If sleeping is your favourite hobby, these are [...]

Next Level Fails That Will Make Your Jaw Drop Us humans like to think that we are the supreme being on this planet, but the people involved in these photos really do bring that widely regarded fact into question. Some of us must have brains smaller than a gnats to be capable of this kind [...]

Can We Auto-Correct Humanity? Why I Refuse to Let Technology Control Me. more… Unbelievable Places to Visit Take a chance to be there at least oncemore… International Highline Meeting Hammocks Suspended Over A 330+ Foot Drop The International Highline Meeting. As if the community didn?t revel enough in their adrenaline-rushing activities, this year?s event was [...]