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18 Most Unique Hotels From Around the World Some travelers think that the place where you lay your head on the road is just that – a place to sleep, or change clothes. more… Watch This Guy Can Balance Any Rocks.. This rock balancing is done by Michael Grab. He is an artist and has [...]

Bath Bomb That Turns Your Bath into Universe! The bomb is bright blue with a bit of white and pink running through it and it was covered in gold and silver glitter.more… Chinese Artist Creates a Ladder to Heaven of 1602 Feet in Height Using Fireworks In tribute to their grandmother!more… 18 Awesome Facts About [...]

Cats Sitting In Funny And Silly Positions They do it like humansmore… Realistic Cakes Unbelievably Artist Creates Realistic Cakes designer Debbie Goard of Debbie Does Cakes is an expert in her unique field of cake making. Unlike most other patissiers, she doesn?t make ordinary, tiered cakes. Instead, this baking artist makes desserts that look like [...]

Ultimate Politicians Fails Compilation Ultimate Politicians Fails Compilation 2013more… Every Man Can Dream to Have a Good Car. See This Guy Made! He can dream whatever he wants to acquire … more… Artist Creates Surreal Pictures With Shelter Animals To Help Find Them New Homes Talented Hungarian photographer Sarolta Ban is back with more of [...]

Zombie Bowling Ball [pic] Zombie Bowling Ball [pic]more… This regenerative candle creates a [pic] This regenerative candle creates a [pic]more… Instead of drinking Gatorade, this [pic] Instead of drinking Gatorade, this [pic]more… Switzerland [pic] Switzerland [pic]more… Ocean sunfish [pic] Ocean sunfish [pic]more… Donald Sutherland gets a haircut [pic] Donald Sutherland gets a haircut [pic]more… The [...]