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12 Movies That Got Banned By Countries For Hilarious Reasons Censorship is an issue but what happen when a movie got banned for silly reasons ! Here is a list movies that got banned around the world for hilarious reasons and causes a unimaginable pain to the director. Check Out ! more… 30 Images That [...]

Scientists Discovered X-Ray Vision Scientists found a way to make X-ray vision a reality similar with one of Superman’s abilities!more… The Ten Most Dangerous Countries On Earth Unless you?ve been living under a rock and haven?t had access to a newspaper, the Internet or a television set in years, you?re well aware that wars are [...]

These Countries Borders Really Say a Lot About International Politics In the event that you need to research the relationship between two bordering nations, look no more distant than their physical limits. Some of them are characteristic marvels. Some are unwelcoming dividers. Others are gracious lines attracted the ground more… Genders Are Not Equal That?s [...]

Amazing Santa Claus Of Different Countries Santa Claus around the worldmore… Creative Xmas Tree Approx 400 Mountain Dew cans drilled onto a PVC pipemore… 10 Best Lottery Games of the World The lottery is a common game with numbers. Based on lucky guesses and winning odds, lotto games are a source of dreams and hopes [...]

12 Unusually Placed Sports Venues When it comes to sports venues, they are often located in the usual places. These are the most peripheral parts of towns and other settlements, and in major cities are located in strictly urban areas. But if you search hard enough, you?ll find there aremore… Happiest Countries in the World [...]

If tomorrow morning Africa and the Middle East simply vanished, you have to wonder what would happen to the State Department functionaries who write the travel warnings at The poor people would have little to do all day. Of the 28 travel warnings issued in May, 12 were for African nations and 7 were [...]

Undercover inspectors manage to buy high-grade gear including nuclear triggers and evade export bans… The US is a virtual supermarket for terrorists and foreign governments seeking high-end military technology, including components that can be used to build nuclear weapons and equip militants fighting US and British troops, the American government has found.