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The White Stripes: City Lights

Posted: 13th September 2016 by Sus Scrofa in Oddly Enough
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Price: $ 1.29  | Buy | Link The White Stripes started work on this track back in 2005, but didn’t actually record it until this year. To icing on the cake: Without anyone’s knowledge, filmmaker Michel Gondry shot a video for the song and gifted it to the band. It’s minimal, but fits the song’s mellow vibe well. More Awesome [...]

15 Self-Care Ideas for When You?re Feeling Down I suck at self-care. I don?t get it. Am I supposed to take care of my physical biological needs? I already do that. Am I supposed to go buy myself a coffee, sit down and journal for an hour each day? Who?s supposed to watch my kid [...]

F**kin’ New York City!

Posted: 13th November 2015 by Sus Scrofa in Awesomeness
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(PG-13: Language) Comedian Greg Benson finally makes the most appropriate use of his expletive-filled whirlwind tours. Watch him go on a fast and furious jaunt through the greatest and grumpiest city in the world. Hat Tip Link More Awesome Stuff for You to Click On: Seal of DisapprovalWhat’s Up with This Big Hole?Taste-Testing Pet FoodAnother Way [...]

Family Exactly 100 Years Apart great-grandmother and her great-granddaughter exactly 100 years apartmore… Tiny Pig Has Trouble Keeping Her Balance On A Frozen Sidewalk Is Adorably Hilarious This adorable mini pig from Pittsburgh took a short walk in the winter weather, only to find the sidewalk was a bit more slippery than anticipated. more… 1200 [...]