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Bath Bomb That Turns Your Bath into Universe! The bomb is bright blue with a bit of white and pink running through it and it was covered in gold and silver glitter.more… Chinese Artist Creates a Ladder to Heaven of 1602 Feet in Height Using Fireworks In tribute to their grandmother!more… 18 Awesome Facts About [...]

Rockstar Granddad Shreds Epic Guitar Solo Well this rockstar granddad has smashed unfair stereotypes by showcasing his awesome skills on the guitar.more… Amazing Traditional Chinese Dongyang Wood Carving Traditional Chinese Dongyang Wood Carvingmore… The Bugatti Veryon’s Maintenance Costs Are Out of This World We all know the Bugatti Veyron is expensive to buy, but have [...]

There Is No Rest of Chinese Kids in Training (33 Pics) China takes the training of their young athletes very seriously and kids are pushed to beyond their limits to achieve greatness.more… Vistula Spit That Became an Island For Russia The remotest geographical object of the Kaliningrad region is situated behind the strait near Baltiysk. [...]

Salty Lakes of Crimea Just a few photos from a photographer named Max. He has taken photos of the bottoms of a salty lake in Crimea. The lake?s name is Koyash, and this summer there is almost no water, which allows him to take photos like this ? fields of pure white salt smore… Squirrel [...]

Traffic in Moscow A few photos of traffic conditions in Moscow by Ilya Varlamov.more… Chinese Border Guards Facing Russian Soldiers in 1977-1979 1977-1979 are the years when Russian-Chinese tensions were at peak.more… You’ve Never Seen a Shipwreck Like This Before Benjamin Von Wong, a photographer from Montreal, unveils his latest project: a shipwreck.more… Hermits Village [...]

The Largest Engineering Project in Modern History is Done by Chinese 50 year old industrial project from the Chinesemore… Philips Unveils Urban Beehive That Lets You Harvest Fresh Honey Inside Your Apartment Philips lets you harvest fresh honey in your apartmentmore… The WOLF of Wall Street Movie Wolf of Wall Street DiCaprio plays Belfor, a [...]

10 Famous Quotes About Health Care Quotes about health caremore… The Amazing Milky Seas of the World You won’t believe how they glow in the dark, but it’s real!more… 20 Rare Images of Chinese Nuclear Test During Sixties Since the late ’50s, China launched its program to become the fifth nuclear power, a goal reached [...]

The fact that Rush Limbaugh has such a loyal following, shows further that fanaticism is running out of control.   It also indicates a need for more logical and sane thinkers to control the rhetoric spewed by hateful and narrow minded individuals on TV and radio.  Their job is not to make others believe what they [...]