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Inside China E-Waste Hell China is the second largest producer in the world of electronic waste, with more than one million tonnes per year. more… 14 Cultural Revolution Propaganda Postcards 1971 was a critical year for the Cultural Revolution. more… Artist Turns Her Lips Into Stunning Works Of Art Ever seen Katsushika Hokusai’s famous painting, [...]

Zhang Jingna Voluptuous Pictures Some fashion shots of the young Chinese photographer Zhang Jingna.more… Animals of China Discovering some of the most exotic wild animals that inhabit this vast country.more… Most Remote And Beautiful Islands Few People Know About Hidden Treasures of the Worldmore… Red Chinese Battle Plan Red Chinese Battle Plan is a Cold [...]

Watch Cute Supergirls in Style Huge Collection of International Fashion, Pakistani Fashion, Indian Fashion. Pictures / images of fashion dresses like bridal dresses, casual and party wear and HD wallpapers of Cute Celebrities, Beauty Tips, Makeup, Bridal Makeup and Much more.more… 7 Amazing Facts of Indian Models Huge Collection of International Fashion, Pakistani Fashion, Indian [...]

Dubai Airshow 2015: Sales Down Compared to 2014 The Dubai Airshow took off Sunday to a slow start with a record low in sales expected as the Gulf’s main airlines have already placed large orders with major manufacturers.more… 48 Amazing Photographs of China a Century Ago Rare and valuable photos of China at the beginning [...]

China Has More Billionaires Than USA For the first time, the number of billionaires in China has overtaken that of the United States. An annual survey said Thursday, despite slowing growth in the world?s second-largest economy.more… Richest YouTube Stars of 2015 The richest YouTubers of 2015 have been revealed by Forbes. The list of this [...]

5 Of The World?s Weirdest Mental Disorders Some Of The World?s Weirdest Mental Disordersmore… 20 of the Funniest Cats in Costumes People love to dress their pets up in costumes. Normally the pets either tolerate it, or downright hate it. Here are some of the cutest, craziest and funniest cats in costumes you?ve ever seen.more… [...]

These Crazy Things by Crazy People Will Drive You Crazy Sometimes, you won’t understand why people are just too ignorant.more… Electric Clay ? World?s Next Wonder Material? Materials scientists at Drexel University have discovered a new method for making the material that is used in the electrodes of energy storage devices like batteries and super [...]

Sunrise at Bryce Canyon Sunrise at Bryce Canyonmore… ‘Golden Road’ In China These stunning photos shows corn seeds being dried in China’s Henan province, converting the giant highway into a makeshiftYellow Brick Road. more… Is Your NFL Team Helping The Far Right? NFL team owner backs GOP with fan moneymore… Dr. Von Braun and the [...]

Dracula?s Castle for Sale ?Dracula?s Castle?, located in Transylvania, is on the market for only $ 135 million. It was the basis for Bram Stoker?s Dracula and would be perfect for anyone wanting to live like the father of all vampires!more… China is Building the World’s Largest Sea Plane The World’s Largest Sea Planemore… The [...]

Here Are 35 Things You Probably Believe? But Are Total Lies. Everything You Thought Is Wrong. While growing up, family, friends and teachers probably told you tidbits about the world that you accepted as the gospel truth. – See more at:… The Cool Mosin Crate Coffee Table Mosin crate coffee tablemore… 21 Rare and [...]