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Top 10 Richest Presidents in the World The richest presidents for todaymore… It Took 4-Months, But This Dad Built a Special VW for His Child How does one use Volkswagen Beetle parts that were acquired for free off a Craigslist user?more… Google Unveils 4-Legged Mule Robot Here’s a first look at Spot from Boston Dynamics, [...]

A Child in Chains Eleven-year-old He Zili runs along an alley outside his home, as his father pulls on the chain locked around his ankle, in Zhejiang province.more… If You Try to Copy 50 Dollar – It Print Black Page! Dont try his, you will never successmore… Salt Mines Converted to Stunning Subterranean Museum This [...]

A Statesboro man pleaded guilty in federal court Wednesday to a charge he sexually exploited two minors at a Dutch Island residence. John Michael Coburn, 24, told U.S. District Judge William T. Moore Jr. he secretly videotaped the victims showering then shared a video over the Internet with an unknown user. The conduct occurred between [...]

A 22-year-old man employed as a group leader by the YMCA has been arrested on video voyeurism charges, according to police. Investigators say Jarrell Jarvis King followed a 10-year-old into the restroom at the YMCA day camp located in the 400 block of Northwest 14th Terrace, reached over the stall and took pictures of the [...]

A missing 6-year-old boy has been found by Shunyi police after being sold by his mother’s online lover, Beijing Times reported on Tuesday. The man has since been detained.

Boy hanged in Helmand province after being put on trial by militants More than 40 killed and 77 injured after bomb rips through wedding Taliban militants have executed a seven-year-old boy they accused of being a spy, it emerged today. The child was abducted from his home and taken to a neighbouring village where he [...]