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[Controversial] Discovery Of The Century: Have Researchers Found The Mythical Hall Of Records? It is said that the Hall of Records holds the key to understanding our civilization and real history of humanity. Mythologically, it is said to be a librarymore… [Todays Viral] An 80-year-old man walks 20 kilometers to earn by selling shrimp paste! [...]

Dubai Airshow 2015: Sales Down Compared to 2014 The Dubai Airshow took off Sunday to a slow start with a record low in sales expected as the Gulf’s main airlines have already placed large orders with major manufacturers.more… 48 Amazing Photographs of China a Century Ago Rare and valuable photos of China at the beginning [...]

Happy Square Root Day!!!

Posted: 3rd March 2009 by Simo Häyhä in Lifestyle, Oddly Enough, Politics
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REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Dust off the slide rules and recharge the calculators. Square Root Day is upon us. The math-buffs’ holiday, which only occurs nine times each century, falls on Tuesday — 3/3/09 (for the mathematically challenged, three is the square root of nine). “These days are like calendar comets, you wait and wait [...]